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“What Matters To You?” Virtual Launch!

“What matters to you?” is a simple question that can have a big impact on care. When providers have a conversation about what really matters to the people they care for, it helps them ensure that care is aligned with patient preferences and provide more patient- and family-centred care.

“What matters to you?” started in Norway in 2014 with the aim of “encouraging and supporting more meaningful conversations between people who provide health and social care and the people, families and carers who receive health and social care.” What began as a national effort has gained momentum as an international movement with over 30 countries around the world participating.

Please join us for the 2018 virtual launch of “What Matters To You?” We’ll hear from amazing local and international speakers about their experiences with asking and responding to “What matters to you?”

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  • Asking “What Matters to You?”
    Anders Vege, Norwegian Institute of Public Health 

    Anders initiated “What Matters to You” Day for health care services in Norway in 2014, an initiative which has since spread to over 30 countries and counting.

  • Conversations That Matter: How to Embed the Question into Practice.
    Lillian Hung, Vancouver Coastal Health 

    Lillian, along with her team, participated in “What Matters to You” Day in 2017 and have incorporated the question into their practice each and every day.

  • The Power of the Conversation: Where the Magic Is.
    Linda Clarke, Patient Partner 

    Linda will speak about the power of asking, “What matters to you?” and the impact on care.


As a bonus, we will randomly give away 10 free #WhatMattersToYou t-shirts to attendees! You don’t want to miss out on your chance to win!


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