Critical Care

Critical Care

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Every person in British Columbia’s 30 intensive care units (ICUs) should experience high quality care. By working on both clinical and performance improvement, we and our partners across the health system are moving towards achieving this goal. That includes focusing on the timeliness, appropriateness, effectiveness and safety of care to provide patients with as much comfort as possible and offer the best chance of recovery.

BC Critical Care Network 

The BC Critical Care Network is open to members of the critical care community across British Columbia. Members of the Critical Care Network have access to monthly meetings and contribute towards advancing the voice of critical care across the province, topics of discussion include clinical sharing, quality Improvement, new research and data.

Join the BC Critical Care Network

If you would like to Join the provincial Critical Care Network, click the link below to access the BC Critical Care Network page where you can sign up and connect to the BC Critical Care Community through access to monthly meetings and newsletter updates.

BC Critical Care Network Resources

Click the link below to access the various materials available on the Critical Care Network page.

Provincial Critical Care Services Executive Committee (CCSEC)

The Critical Care Services Executive Committee (CCSEC) provides a provincial forum to discuss and make recommendations on policy and strategies to improve the acceptability, appropriateness, accessibility, safety, and effectiveness of care for critically ill patients across the province. Please see the CCSEC Terms of Reference for more information.


Since March 2020, the Critical Care Services Executive Committee has supported the BC health system’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This involves collaboration to ensure high quality of care for COVID-19 patients who are critically ill.

The BC Centre for Disease Control provides up to date critical care information for healthcare workers in hospital settings and those caring for patients hospitalized or experiencing severe COVID-19.

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Andrea Wnuk
Leader, Analytics and Strategic Initiatives