Critical Care

Early Mobilization Working Group

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Early Mobilization Working Group

There has been both a high level of interest and experience in increasing and developing the early mobilization practices currently in place in critical care. This webpage is to help foster and support a growing clinical community of critical care practitioners across BC.

Future work may include:

  • Capacity building around measurement – specifically around the ICU database and data analysis. This would allow teams to better understand currently levels of mobilization and analyze what’s working and what might be able to improve, including adaptations and modifications to the ICU Dashboard.
  • Collaboration across sites – some tremendous work has been going on across the province, this group will work to elevate and share these learnings and experiences broadly.
  • Resource sharing and development – many tools are already in place across the province. This site will host a resource repository of materials, and may synthesize and develop any missing materials that could be shared amongst group members.