Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

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What is Long-Term Care?

Licensed long-term care homes provide 24-hour professional supervision and care in a protective, supportive environment for people who have complex care needs and can no longer be cared for in their own homes or in an assisted living residence.1

BC has 296 long-term care homes; 109 are operated directly by a health authority and 187 are operated by a contractor with funding from the health authorities.2

The COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmingly impacted long-term care (LTC) and assisted living homes in British Columbia, which have accounted for over 50% of all COVID-19 deaths in BC.2 There have been unintended safety events to the individuals living in LTC and assisted living homes with fewer physician visits, less contact with family and friends, decreased transfers to hospitals and increased antipsychotics usage.1

Together with our partners, efforts to improve the quality and safety of individuals living in LTC and assisted living homes in BC are needed now more than ever. Through the LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together Program, we’re supporting improvements in care for people living and working in LTC and assisted living homes.

Sharing Initiatives: LTC+ Coaching Session

Acting on Pandemic Learning Together

The LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together (LTC+) program is supporting over 1,500 teams across Canada, including 222 in BC, with seed funding, coaching and virtual learning through huddles and webinars.

Our work focuses on improving collaboration and knowledge transfer by helping teams in BC and the Yukon. We lead monthly one-hour coaching sessions that aim to provide just-in-time, facilitated conversations and shared learning based on current needs in the health care system.

Visit Healthcare Excellence Canada for more information on LTC+ Acting on Pandemic Learning Together.

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