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Medical Imaging

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Medical Imaging

Appropriate medical imaging contributes towards improved patient care and ensures vital imaging is available when most needed .

Care providers are receiving requests to conduct chest CTs and X-rays, so the provincial Medical Imaging Advisory Committee is providing resources on the role of imaging in diagnosing and managing COVID-19. The Provincial Guidance for Medical Imaging Services within BC during the COVID-19 Pandemic Phases are also now available online.

What Happens When Imaging Is Ordered and Used Appropriately?

  • Waitlists for imaging are shorter
  • Patients undergo the right tests and experience less harm
  • Patients are exposed to less radiation
  • Emergency departments become less congested
  • Critical imaging tests are available when we most need them
  • Coordination of care is improved
  • Patients are introduced to alternative care options

Appropriate medical imaging is a cornerstone of quality care. Canadian studies suggest a wide variation in inappropriate medical imaging rates, ranging up to 24%.

Imaging is an invaluable resource and we want to ensure that it is available for those that need it the most!

Essential Imaging

Essential Imaging is a quality improvement initiative that we are leading in partnership with the Ministry of Health. It is based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Series Collaborative model for health care improvement.

Essential Imaging aims to reduce inappropriate medical imaging for five common situations among participating primary care and emergency teams. This includes leveraging the BC Guidelines for Appropriate Imaging, promoting patient and public awareness, supporting provider education and provide decision support resources to increase medical imaging appropriateness.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Essential Imaging Resources

We want to make it easy for you to participate in Essential Imaging, so we have created a wealth of resources and tools to help you on your appropriateness journey! Check out the different resources below to find ways to better communicate with your patients and care providers about medical imaging.

Resources for Patients

Resources for Care Providers

Clinical resources and tools to support medical imaging!

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