Quality Standards

Quality Standards

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Quality standards articulate what it means to provide and receive high-quality care, and reduce unwarranted variation of treatment within BC’s health care system.

What Are Quality Standards?

Quality standards focus on areas of the patient journey where the need for improving quality is the greatest. In this way, they differ from best practice guidelines that aim to describe all aspects of treatment and care for a condition.

Quality standards support:

  • People to understand the care offered by their health care system, and to make informed decisions in partnership with their health care teams;
  • Health care professionals to make decisions about appropriate care; and
  • Health care organizations to examine their systems and policies and improve the care they provide.

Each standard is written as a set of concise statements and associated indicators that outline high-quality care that patients should expect to be offered or receive. Each one is also accompanied by a guide for patients, families and caregivers that will help to inform discussions regarding their care.

Quality Statements

Quality statements describe priority areas for improvement within the BC health system. Unwarranted variation occurs when the care someone receives is not what is expected and is not the result of their individual circumstances or choices. Quality statements aim to reduce areas of unwarranted variation by focusing improvement efforts where it is needed the most and outline the care that should be offered to people.

Quality Indicators

Quality statements require monitoring using associated quality indicators in order to track if care is meeting the standard or being improved. Quality indicators are intended to measure the progress towards meeting each quality statement.

How Are Quality Standards Developed?

We lead the development of quality standards, including a call for public review before they are finalized. Quality standards are shaped by a committee made up of health care professionals, patients and representatives from a range of health care organizations with expertise in that area of care. They are evidence-informed and combine best practice as well as the expertise of all members of the committee.

Quality standards fall under the Provincial Health Services Authority’s mandate for provincial clinical policy. As is best practice, the standard setting function has been separated from other provincial clinical policy functions.

What is the Next Quality Standard?

Stroke has been identified as the first area of focus for quality standard development.

Public review for the Stroke Quality Standard was undertaken from April 27 to May 25, 2021.

Thank you to all those who participated in the review. Your insights will help to define what high-quality stroke care should look like for BC. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the Stroke Quality Standard is finalized and released.

Key Contact

Sybil Hoiss
Leader, Strategic Initiatives