Stroke Quality Standard

Stroke Quality Standard

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The Stroke Quality Standard will define the high-quality stroke care that people should expect to receive or be offered.

Public consultation on quality standards is best practice in order to incorporate a broad range of perspectives and to ensure that the standards are applicable to the population.

We are currently inviting consultation on the Stroke Quality Standard and related resources. The consultation will close May 25, 2021.

Provide Feedback

View the draft Stroke Quality Standard and Patient, Caregiver and Family Guide below and provide your feedback to help improve the future of stroke care in BC. Take the survey online or provide written feedback via email using the survey questions as a guide.

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Stroke Quality Standards

Stroke Quality Standard

The Stroke Quality Standard contains nine quality statements that describe priority areas for improvement of stroke care in British Columbia. Each quality statement is explained in regards to what it means to people, health care professionals and health care organizations. Each quality statement has associated quality indicators, which aim to track progress towards meeting the statement.

Patient Caregiver Family Guide

Patient, Caregiver and Family Guide

The Patient, Caregiver and Family Guide describes the nine quality statements for stroke care and what they mean to those accessing or supporting care. It contains useful information for the general public about the Stroke Quality Standard. It is intended to assist people experiencing stroke, their caregivers and family in partnering with their health care team by describing what to expect at different stages of the patient journey.

Public Consultation

We are committed to being a collaborative and transparent organization. The public consultation process helps to ensure that we meet these values by inviting feedback and incorporating the perspectives of British Columbians from across the province to further improve the Stroke Quality Standard.

Your feedback will help us to:

  • confirm that the stroke quality standard is targeted appropriately to improve care delivered at a system level;
  • determine if the quality standard identifies key areas for improvement during the care journey;
  • verify that the quality standard is applicable across all regions of the province;
  • establish that the proposed indicators will support improvement activities and health services to monitor progress to meet the quality standard; and
  • ensure that the quality standard is appropriately worded for the target audiences (e.g., patients, caregivers, families, health care workers and health care organizations).

Incorporating Feedback

A summary of the consultation results will be compiled and presented to the Stroke Standard Development Committee to determine final revisions to the Stroke Quality Standard and Patient, Caregiver and Family Guide.

Spread the Word

Stroke Care Poster

All are welcome to participate in the public consultation! Help spread the word by downloading this poster and sharing with your network.

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Key Contact

Edward Elkins
Leader, Strategic Initiatives