Sepsis Survival Stories

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Sepsis Survival Stories

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Many people have had very personal encounters with sepsis; some stories end on a positive note, and some paint a picture of the difficult road that many sepsis survivors face. We’d like to thank everyone who has shared they story for helping us raise awareness to fight sepsis.

Bob Strain.Sepsis Survival StoriesBob Strain

Nine years after fighting a severe case of sepsis, Bob has learned to overcome the consequences of the disease and keep doing the things he loves.

Read Bob’s story.


Robert Cave Patient Partner.2Richard Cave

After losing strength in his arms and legs during a bladder infection, Richard was diagnosed with sepsis and had a heart attack in the hospital in 2019.

Read Richard’s story.


Scott Harrison sepsis survivor Scott Harrison

A health care professional himself, Scott got scarily close to death during a septic shock in 2017, an experience that changed his perspective of what matters in life.

Read Scott’s story.


Stanley NamoxStanley Namox

Stanley had sepsis as a consequence of pneumonia, and had one of the worst experiences of his life when he started feeling the symptoms during a long car ride.

Read Stanley’s story.


Ronald Peal

Ronald Peal

In Ronald’s case, the symptoms of a cold that wouldn’t go away turned out to be sepsis, and got so bad that he couldn’t get out of bed.

Read Ronald’s story.


Darlene Wolfe

Darlene Wolfe

Early diagnosis would have helped to avoid Darlene’s relative’s sepsis and improved his quality of life.

Read Darlene’s story.