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Community Action Teams Knowledge Exchange

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Community Action Teams Knowledge Exchange

Community Action Teams (CATs) are an integral part of responding to the overdose crisis in BC. The CAT Knowledge Exchange will connect all 35 CATs throughout BC to share learning and accelerate local work to address the overdose crisis.

Community Action Teams (CATs) are funded by the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions for the purpose of helping communities form partnerships and strategies to address the overdose crisis at a local level.1  The objectives of CATs are to create evidence-informed action plans, develop multi-sectoral responses that are inclusive of all partners and escalate barriers to effective response to the provincial level as needed.2

We successfully submitted a proposal to the Overdose Emergency Response Center to coordinate and host a knowledge exchange with the aim of bringing CATs together to learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchanges are about mutual learning and sharing strengths. The CAT Knowledge Exchange aims to:

  • Meaningfully engage peers
  • Support the development of skills
  • Share resources and tools
  • Build a culture of trust, respect and autonomy
  • Share progress and results

This initiative is funded by the Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions and guided by a provincial advisory group of diverse individuals who represent CATs and includes people with lived and/or living experience.

Survey for CAT Members

Currently, we are exploring how to offer knowledge exchange opportunities virtually. We sent out a survey for input from all CAT members across BC to help us determine a format that is both accessible and engaging! Survey respondents were asked about their CAT, preferred ways of communicating and topics and skills that would best support of the work of CATs. Responses are currently being analyzed and will inform the development of knowledge exchange delivery and content moving forward.

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Key Contact

Kate Harris
Leader, Health System Improvement