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Team Mapping Facilitation Training

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Team Mapping Facilitation Training

As primary care network communities move toward implementation, we are working in collaboration with the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC, and UBC’s Innovation Support Unit (ISU) to develop and refine new and existing supports for primary care teams.

What is Team Mapping?

The ISU has developed the team mapping method to help developing team-based care initiatives (e.g. primary care networks and patient medical homes) explore and describe how teams could be structured. These highly interactive sessions can help groups describe how roles work together in team-based care projects. The sessions also help build a sense of cohesion and consensus across a group, as participants together explore team structure and the processes involved in the delivery team-based care.

In March, the ISU offered planning support to interested wave 1 communities in the form of facilitated team mapping. Given the demand and the desire to build capacity in communities to support the transition to team-based primary and community care, the BCPSQC and the ISU will be offering team mapping facilitation training and mentorship to interested PCN communities to support individuals to facilitate this mapping in their local communities. Funded by the GPSC, this train-the-trainer approach will include a focus on team mapping preparation, the facilitation of team mapping sessions and the analysis and reporting process that allows communities to build the findings from team mapping processes into learning and action.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Learn about the team mapping method, the provincial context for the use of the method and roll out of coaching supports
  • Learn about the different benefits of team mapping at various stages of team formation
  • Engage in a 3-stage team mapping process simulation during the workshop
  • Develop team mapping preparation, session facilitation, and analysis/reporting skills
  • Develop an understanding of the core roles and tasks that are most frequently central to team mapping discussions
  • Apply the ISU Team Mapping tools in a simulation
  • Develop a mentorship partnership with the ISU to support future team mapping in communities


Morgan Price

Morgan Price is the director of the Innovation Support Unit (ISU) in the department of Family Practice at UBC, co-head of the department of Family Practice (DoFP), an Associate Professor in the DoFP and adjunct at UVic Computer and Health Information Sciences. He is a family physician and practices in a Community Health Centre where he provides team-based care to underserved populations in the inner-city in Victoria. His research is in health systems change and clinical info system adoption.

Paule Bellwood

Paule Bellwood is a PhD candidate at UBC focused on IT use in physical activity prescriptions for cardiovascular patients. She has experience in primary care, consumer health product evaluation, qualitative research, participatory design, and patient engagement. Paule is a research analyst at the ISU and has been engaged in developing, iterating, and refining the Team Mapping method.

Tiffany Hill

Tiffany Hill has a Masters in interdisciplinary studies and is a research analyst with the ISU. Tiffany has experience in facilitation, evaluation, community engagement, and the use of creative methods in research. Her research interests include grief, bereavement and health systems change, and arts-based research.

Sarah Fletcher

Sarah Fletcher has a PhD in Medical Anthropology and is the Research Manager for the Innovation Support Unit (ISU) in the Department of Family Practice at UBC and an instructor in applied research methods in the Anthropology Department at UVIC. Sarah is a Medical Anthropologist with expertise in participatory research design, facilitation and community engagement, health systems change, team-based care and evaluation.

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Key Contact

Breah Talan
Project Coordinator, Learning, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives