Change Ambassadors Network BC

Change Ambassadors Network BC

Change Ambassadors Network BC

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The Change Ambassadors Network BC was created in 2016 to foster connections and support between individuals working to drive positive changes in the BC health care system.

The purpose of the group was to facilitate the spread of innovative ideas and transformation in the health care system, and provide opportunities for professional development and collaboration among members. We coordinated activities such as Randomized Coffee Trials and membership was open to everyone in BC. Members were invited to attend regular online meetings and participate in virtual and in-person learning opportunities.

The Network was inspired by the volunteers who participated in the first-ever Change Day BC campaign in 2015 asking anyone involved in the health system to make one small change to improve care.

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What Matters to You?

When a health care provider starts a conversation by asking what really matters to the person they are caring for, it helps them to build trust, develop empathy, and understand their patients. Ultimately, it improves the quality of care they provide.

Change Day

Change Day is a global movement that was started in 2013 by the National Health Service (NHS) in England, which invites any person involved in health or social care to make a pledge and change one small thing to improve care. Pledges can encompass anything, from the small (learning each patient’s name) to the large (connecting 250 members of an organization in a randomized coffee trial).