Teamwork & Communication Action Series

Teamwork & Communication Action Series

Teamwork & Communication Action Series

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How we work as a team and communicate with each other are essential elements of a healthy culture. Improving non-technical skills such as how we communicate, how we respond to the environment around us, and how we work together in a team are crucial for achieving high quality patient care.

We offer a free and interactive 13-week Action Series that focuses on skills and tools to improve teamwork and communication on your team. In the first three waves of the Action Series, nearly 120 teams have participated with over 800 total participants from across BC!

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Our Teamwork and Communication Action Series Road Map:

  • Five interactive webinars teaching new skills and techniques for your team to employ in improving teamwork and communication
  • Webinars are followed by three-week action periods, during which teams translate theory into practice
  • Participating teams share their results from each action period with each other
  • Virtual support is available to teams during the action periods
  • There is strong evidence that effective teamwork is associated with better patient outcomes
  • The Joint Commission identified communication breakdown as the most common cause in 63% of adverse events
  • This webinar series will provide practical training for you and your team to improve its teamwork and communication
  • All teams will be awarded a certificate of completion, after fulfilling the requirements of the action series

Curious what past participants gained from the Action Series?

Read Our Wave 1 Evaluation

Teams include between four and eight people, and must include two or more disciplines in order to participate, such as:

  • nursing staff
  • physicians
  • care aides
  • clerks
  • allied health staff
  • directors of care
  • team leaders
  • educators
  • therapists
  • pharmacists
  • senior leaders / sponsors
  • facility staff

Teams must attend all five webinars, and commit to practicing within and sharing across teams between action periods.

Nothing! This is a free opportunity for teams across BC.

By participating in the action series, you and your team members will learn to…

  • Recognize the importance of team culture and non-technical skills
  • Identify elements that contribute to successful communication
  • Use new and effective tools to enhance teamwork and communication within your team
  • Explore ways to effectively navigate conflict with others
  • Apply foundational leadership skills for culture change

The Teamwork & Communication Action Series began with the aim of improving teamwork and communication within the BC health care system. We have been evaluating the series to measure this improvement.

Learn more about what our participants have taken away from the Action Series in our Wave 1 evaluation:

Read Our Wave 1 Evaluation

About the Action Series

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