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Board & Executive Learning Series

The Board & Executive Learning Series encourages dialogue around how boards and senior health executives can effectively govern and lead for quality and safety. The series builds knowledge, skills and confidence in the core components of improving the quality and safety of health care, including:

  • Process and systems thinking
  • Initiating, sustaining, spreading and supporting large-scale change
  • Personal, organizational and board development
  • Engaging and developing relationships with patients, caregivers, staff and the public
  • Delivering on cost and quality
  • Innovation for improvement

Session 1 Resources

On June 24 and 25, 2011, the first session of the Board & Executive Quality Learning Series took place in Kelowna. Topics included the role of the board and executive team in leading quality, tackling the cost and quality imperative: the NHS story, and strategies for improving quality of care: an exploration of the approaches.

Speakers included:

  • Ross Baker, Professor, Department of Health Policy, Manager and Education, University of Toronto
  • Bonnie Brossart, CEO, Health Quality Council of Saskatchewan
  • Doug Cochrane, Provincial Patient Safety & Quality Officer and Chair, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
  • Jim Easton, National Director for Improvement and Efficiency, Department of Health, UK
  • Christina Krause, Executive Director, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
  • David Matheson, Principle, DMMD Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC

Click here for the session’s resources.

Session 2 Resources

The series’ second session took place on June 1 and 2, 2012 in Vancouver. Key leaders from Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare shared their organization’s approach to addressing clinical variation and improving care. Topics included quality improvement and data systems as well as Intermountain integrated care in action regarding surgery and sepsis. Participants were given time to reflect on the implications what they had learned might have for BC and planned next steps for their regions.

Speakers included:

  • Todd Allen, Assistant Quality Officer & Medical Director, Emergency Department Development Team
  • Brent James, Chief Quality Officer & Executive Director, Intermountain Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
  • Lucy Savitz, Director of Research and Education, Intermountain Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
  • David S. Jevsevar, physician, Intermountain Healthcare

Click here for the session’s resources.