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What to Expect

Participation in the Clinician Quality Academy


Participants completing the Clinician Quality Academy will receive a certificate of participation from the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Participants are expected to meet the following requirements to complete the program:

  • attendance and active participation at all residency sessions and webinars;
  • demonstration of progress and application of concepts covered through work on a quality improvement project within their organization;
  • submission of monthly quality project summaries to be shared with their Improvement Advisors and Executive Sponsors;
  • completion of assignments and tasks related to the development of their project as assigned by Clinician Quality Academy faculty;
  • participation in the evaluation of the Clinician Quality Academy program.
cohort 1 graduates

Graduates of the first Clinician Quality Academy cohort!

Quality Project

A key component of the Clinician Quality Academy is a quality project led by participants within their organizations or practice that enables them to apply the concepts learned during residency sessions. The quality project will give participants the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the program while obtaining support from their Improvement Advisors.

Participants are required to have potential topic areas identified for the application process, and will meet with their Improvement Advisors to finalize their project prior to the first residency. Quality project is a key component of the program and all participants must have a suitable project in order to participate. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss further.

Projects will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • explicitly address one or more dimension of quality, based upon the BC Health Quality Matrix;
  • relates to the strategic or business plan of the organization or practice;
  • is supported by an Executive Sponsor (where appropriate);
  • includes an improvement team;
  • has a measurable aim statement;
  • progress toward the aim can be made within eight months;
  • incorporates the patient perspective; and
  • baseline data is available or can be obtained for the outcome measure

Time to Participate

Participants must attend all residency sessions in order to complete the Clinician Quality Academy. During residency sessions, it is expected that participants will be free from official duties to maximize their learning opportunity. As well, participants will require adequate time and support during the eight-month program to dedicate to their quality project. This time will vary depending on the scope of the project chosen.

In the case of extraordinary circumstances, such as illness or family emergency, Clinician Faculty will work individually with participants to cover the missed material to complete the program.  Faculty will not be available to cover material missed for work-related reasons.

Supports for Participants

We are committed to providing participants with a positive learning experience, both during and outside of residency sessions. To ensure participants are successful in both the residency sessions and in leading their quality project, the Clinician Quality Academy will offer a series of supports to all participants.

  • Each participant will have an experienced Improvement Advisor to support his or her learning and project progress. Participants and their Improvement Advisor will connect regularly during the program through progress reports, written feedback and bi-weekly teleconference calls.
  • A series of educational webinars will be held between residency sessions to continue the dialogue from residencies and provide additional learning.
  • A dedicated website for the Clinician Quality Academy will provide an additional forum for resource support. All course materials will be available on the website including additional readings, templates, contact information and a calendar of events.
  • We expect that one of the most valuable resources is the combined experiences of the Clinician Quality Academy group forming a valuable network of expertise.  Participants will be encouraged to connect with each other and core faculty members both during and outside of the residency sessions.


While the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council provides significant funding to support the Clinician Quality Academy as part of its mandate to support education and capacity building for quality across the province, a registration fee of $1,495 plus taxes will be charged for all program participants.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs for the residency sessions.

Key Contacts

Fatima Al-Roubaiai
Leader, Capability Development