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Engaging People in Improving Quality

Engaging People in Improving Quality (EPIQ) is designed to help bring people along on the journey to quality improvement and guide improvement efforts within the context of health care. Designed as a teaching resource for those who want to spread knowledge of quality improvement in health care, EPIQ is intended to make teaching others easier to do by providing teaching materials, including slides, speaking notes, and activities.


EPIQ contains a series of modules focused on increasing understanding of and engagement with quality improvement in health care. The objectives of the EPIQ module series are to:

  • Provide a set of instructional tools and resources to facilitate learning about quality improvement;
  • Support the understanding of basic quality improvement principles and methods, as well as the multiple dimensions of quality in health care; and
  • Increase capacity and capability for patient safety and quality improvement in BC’s health care system.

Download the entire toolkit on the right, or access each individual module from the menu on the left.

Likewise, you can download the full EPIQ PowerPoint presentation on the right, or access slides for each individual module from the menu on the left.


Download the EPIQ Teaching Toolkit

Download the EPIQ PowerPoint presentation


Key Contact

Chelsea Hochfilzer
Project Coordinator