BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Participant Evaluations

EPIQ also includes evaluation forms to collect feedback from your learners. This feedback can help you reflect on your sessions and think about ways to continually improve your teaching. You can download the participant evaluation form on the right.

Facilitator Feedback

Continuous improvement is very important to us, too! EPIQ is new and while we have had lots of input from both content experts and test users, we know that there is still more to learn about how to make this as useful and effective as possible. Please share your feedback each time you use EPIQ to let us know what worked well, as well as ideas for improvements or additional materials. Just click the link to the facilitator feedback form on the right.


Download the PARTICIPANT evaluation form

Provide FACILITATOR feedback


Key Contacts

Maria Cortes
Program Assistant, Learning & Strategic Initiatives

Chelsea Hochfilzer

Project Coordinator, Learning & Strategic Initiatives