BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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Advisory Committee

Together with the staff of the BCPSQC, the Advisory Committee will provide insights and expertise into the development and ongoing evolution of this program.

Andrew Wray, MHA, BSc

Director of Learning and Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Andrew joined the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council in July 2009. Prior to joining the Council, Andrew spent several years working in the biotechnology industry, with the BC Cancer Research Centre and the BC Ministry of Health Services.

Andrew’s passion for patient safety and quality improvement, accompanied by his proven project management abilities, assists the Council in achieving its mandate of fostering quality improvement across the continuum of care. He successfully leads complex initiatives and works to develop collaborative partnerships with health system stakeholders in order to equip people at all levels of the system with the knowledge and skills needed for sustained change. He is particularly interested in the ongoing development of learning opportunities for quality improvement, mechanisms of innovation, the use of data for improvement and public accountability of the health care system. Andrew leads the Council’s measurement activities, strategic initiatives and learning programs such as the Quality Academy, Quality Forum and Quality Café.

Andrew holds a Masters in Health Administration from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Victoria.

Christina Krause, MSc

Executive Director
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Christina has strong background in improvement work leading collaboratives on topics such as medication reconciliation, prevention of surgical site infection and MRSA MRSA , and improved care for acute myocardial infarction. A certified Faculty member with the Institute for Healthcare Communication, she also served as a key member of the National Working Group which developed Pan-Canadian Disclosure Guidelines. In her current role, Christina has a particular interest in social movement theory and the mobilization of energy to facilitate large-scale change. Christina is currently an EXTRA Fellow with the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.

Dan Horvat, MD, MCFP, BSc

Assistant Professor, Northern Medical Program
Faculty of Medicine, University of BC

Dan has a long standing interest in sustainably improving healthcare.  His experience includes roles such as family physician, medical administrator, academic, regional health board member and consultant.   His interest in health system improvement has led him to explore the local and international community in search of best practices.  A focus of his research involves distilling the key, context independent activities that support highly effective healthcare systems.  Dan has also worked extensively in areas including primary care and the use of measurement and information technology in improvement.

Dermot J. Kelly, MSc. CEBT

Executive Director
Island Health 

Dermot began his career 15 years ago as a Certified Eye Bank Technologist. He has taken on successively more senior roles, providing leadership to complex transplant and surgical programs, as well as guiding teams through essential engagement and performance evaluation processes, such as VCH-Richmond’s first Qmentum survey, which is a rigorous review of a health care organization’s clinical programs with a focus on the essential components of safe and effective care.

Prior to taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer, Dermot served as Director of Medical Administration and Surgical Services for Richmond. In this position, he supported the Regional Surgical Executive Council in the further integration and alignment of surgical services to improve access and deliver high quality care and service for patients and their family members.

Dermot holds a Master of Science Degree in Physiology from McGill University and has extensive background in Quality Management Systems and LEAN thinking.

Linda Dempster, RN, MA

Vice President Collaborative Practice, Nursing & Health Professions
Alberta Health Services

Linda has a long standing interest and involvement in improving the quality of care. Linda led one of BC’s first sites to systematically implement the use of the Global Trigger Tool. She has also led work on implementation of SBAR as a communication tool. Her interest areas include infection control, high reliability organizations, and the link between patient and staff safety. A member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s Education and Professional Development Advisory Committee, Linda has BSc in Nursing and a Master of Arts in Leadership.

Martin Wale, MD, FRCPath, MBA, CCPE

Executive Medical Director (Island Health)
BC Medical Quality Initiative

Trained in medical microbiology and public health in the UK, Martin spent most of his UK career in the Health Protection Agency before becoming a Fellow of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, working on Clostridium difficile and the “Productives” (Releasing Time to Care).  In 2007, Martin joined Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust as Chief Medical Officer, and was recruited from that position to Vancouver Island Health Authority in 2009.  He has been Deputy CMO, and Executive Medical Director in Quality, Patient Safety & Research, then in Medical Affairs & Research. Since 2014 he has also led the BC Medical Quality Initiative.