BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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We have an excellent group of dedicated experts who are both passionate and knowledgeable about their areas of expertise related to improving the quality of care. These faculty members will provide direct teaching and be available for advice to program participants. As well, several faculty will also serve as mentors who will be paired with a group of participants to provide ongoing one-to-one support.

Allison Muniak, MASc

Human Factors Specialist
Vancouver Coastal Health

Allison is a Human Factors Specialist with strong experience in applying engineering and psychology principles on a variety of large and small projects relating to healthcare. She currently works part-time at Vancouver Coastal Health as a Human Factors Specialist in Quality and Patient Safety, and independently consults on Human Factors principles to a variety of industries in Vancouver, British Columbia, and across Canada. Committed to safety and quality of care, Allison’s goal and motivation is to introduce and incorporate human factors engineering principles into healthcare in British Columbia.

Andrew Wray, MHA, BSc

Director of Learning and Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Andrew joined the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council in July 2009. Prior to joining the Council, Andrew spent several years working in the biotechnology industry, with the BC Cancer Research Centre and the BC Ministry of Health Services.

Andrew’s passion for patient safety and quality improvement, accompanied by his proven project management abilities, assists the Council in achieving its mandate of fostering quality improvement across the continuum of care. He successfully leads complex initiatives and works to develop collaborative partnerships with health system stakeholders in order to equip people at all levels of the system with the knowledge and skills needed for sustained change. He is particularly interested in the ongoing development of learning opportunities for quality improvement, mechanisms of innovation, the use of data for improvement and public accountability of the health care system. Andrew leads the Council’s measurement activities, strategic initiatives and learning programs such as the Quality Academy, Quality Forum and Quality Café.

Andrew holds a Masters in Health Administration from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Victoria.

Ben Ridout

Director, Patient & Public Engagement
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Ben joined the Council in April 2014 as a Quality Leader in Clinical Improvement, where he supports a variety of initiatives including Clinical Care Management and CLeAR (Call for Less Antipsychotics in Residential Care).

He is interested in inspiring change within BC’s health system in order to achieve improved outcomes. Through his previous roles at Island Health, Ben was involved in numerous improvement initiatives and developed an enthusiasm for quality improvement. He has always been passionate about numbers and has a specific interest in helping turn data into knowledge to support quality improvement initiatives.

Ben holds a Master of Health Administration from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a joint major in Business and Geography, from Simon Fraser University.

Bruce Harries, MBA

Improvement Associates Ltd.

Bruce co-founded Improvement Associates in 2000 and has worked primarily on the improvement of healthcare. He is Collaborative Director for the Canadian Collaborative to Improve Patient Care and Safety in the ICU, and advises on a number of healthcare improvement initiatives. He is a graduate of Trent University, the Banff School of Advanced Management and holds an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Chantelle Recsky, MSN, RN

Leader, Capability Development
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Chantelle joined the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council in November 2013 as Leader for Capability Development. She works with the Council staff to develop, deliver, and provide leadership to the BCPSQC educational programs, workshops, and events. Her interests lie with developing engaging and effective educational programs and resources to support the provision of quality care.

Chantelle completed her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Calgary and has worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of clinical areas throughout British Columbia. She completed her Masters of Science in Nursing with a focus in education at the University of British Columbia-Okanagan. She is also a certified Green Belt in Lean Healthcare. Chantelle is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia.

Christina Krause, MSc

Executive Director
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Christina has a strong background in improvement work leading collaboratives on topics such as medication reconciliation, prevention of surgical site infection and MRSA , and improved care for acute myocardial infarction. A certified Faculty member with the Institute for Healthcare Communication, she also served as a key member of the National Working Group which developed Pan-Canadian Disclosure Guidelines. In her current role, Christina has a particular interest in social movement theory and the mobilization of energy to facilitate large-scale change. Christina is currently an EXTRA Fellow with the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.

Colleen Kennedy, BA, MLIS, MHA

Director, Innovation & Engagement
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Colleen joined the Council in 2014 as a Quality Leader supporting clinical improvement initiatives. Prior to this, she led improvement efforts across the continuum of care through her role as the Manager of Quality and Patient Safety for Interior Health West and Patient Experience for Interior Health (IH).

Colleen’s passion is to work with health care professionals at the point of care to facilitate system-level improvements. As part of this, she led the IH Diabetes Collaborative. Along with her team, Colleen also designed the quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) unit leader program, which focused on building quality improvement capacity at the point of care. In addition, she engaged with partners to develop the structure for IH Local Quality Committees and the framework for quality reviews. Previously she also served as IH’s Leader, Physician Engagement, where she collaborated with physicians on quality improvement initiatives in the lab, operating room, medical device reprocessing, obstetrics and critical care.

Colleen holds a Master of Information Studies and a Master of Health Administration from the University of British Columbia. She has completed training in quality improvement and the collaborative breakthrough series through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Colleen also has her Green and Black Belt in Lean Health Care from the Canadian Logistics Institute.

D. Douglas Cochrane, FR CSC, FAAP

Provincial Patient Safety & Quality Officer and Chair, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Dr. Cochrane is a Professor at the University of British Columbia in Neurosurgery, a certificant of the American Board of Pediatric Neurological Surgery, and a Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition to his involvement in boards and committees at the provincial, national and international levels, he maintains his clinical practice as staff neurosurgeon at BC ’s Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Dr. Cochrane brings a broad understanding of patient safety and has an interest in healthcare system sustainability through improving quality of care, resulting in cost savings for the system.

Fatima Al-Roubaiai, RN BScN

Leader, Capability Development
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Fatima joined the Council in November 2015 and we’re just delighted about it!

Fatima works with the Council staff to develop, deliver, and provide leadership to the BCPSQC educational programs, workshops, and events. She is interested in using unconventional approaches to solve complex problems and what transformative leadership looks like; especially where clinicians, staff, patients and family feel supported to make potential improvements a reality. With a passion for people, she is perpetually in search of opportunities for social innovation and dialogue around improving the quality of health care and social systems in BC and beyond. She is a fan of risk-taking, good food and the occasional overshare of personal information.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Windsor, and has worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of clinical areas in Ontario and British Columbia. She is a certified Green Belt in Lean Health Care and IHI Open School grad.

Francois Dionne

Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation

Francois Dionne is based at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation in the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Dionne completed his doctoral training in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia, and also holds a Master’s degree in Business from UBC. The focus of his work is on the application of methods to support priority setting and resource allocation decision-making in health care. He has consulted widely with health care and government organizations across Canada over the last six years and is one of Canada’s leading experts in the application of multi-criteria decision analysis in health care.

Geoff Schierbeck, RN BScN

Quality Leader, Surgery
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Geoff is an RN who joined the BCPSQC in 2013 from Interior Health where he was a Quality Consultant in Surgery. He has worked in critical care and emergency departments throughout Canada and the U.S..  He is responsible for supporting all health authorities in B.C. for surgical initiatives and Clinical Care Management. He is a past graduate of the BCPSQC Quality Academy and has a keen interest in using electronic data collection strategies for quality improvement purposes. Geoff has been recognized for his contribution in implementing the surgical safety checklist and has had success in building relationships with front line staff and physicians.

 Helen Wale, MA, CEC

Project Manager-Workplace Culture, People and Organizational Development
Executive Coach
Island Health

Helen is a Human Resources professional and Executive Coach with over 23 years’ experience in a variety of professional and leadership positions within the public healthcare systems in both Canada and the UK. Helen Wale is also a licensed trainer for Coaching Out of the Box®. As an executive coach, Helen has supported individuals progressing through the BC Health Authorities Experience Linx program as well as coaching individuals from a wide range of industries and sectors. Helen holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from De Montfort University (Leicester- UK) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. Specializing in leadership, business coaching, and career transition, Helen has a particular interest in developing individuals, and working with them to help achieve their goals and aspirations.

Kevin Smith

Director, Communications
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Kevin joined the BCPSQC in February 2012 and his fingerprints are found throughout its publications, social media activities, newsletter and online communications. Kevin draws upon his experience working for private industry and non-profit organizations as well as his education in sociology, journalism, public relations and marketing communications.

Leanne Couves, BCom

Improvement Associates Ltd.

Leanne co-founded Improvement Associates in 2000 and has worked primarily on the improvement of healthcare. As an Improvement Advisor, Leanne has designed and supported many Breakthrough Series Collaboratives across Canada and has taught at over 35 Learning Sessions. She has led the writing of several improvement guides based on these approaches. She is an active member of the national Safer Healthcare Now! Education and Resources Working Group. Leanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Alberta.

Martin Wale, MD, FRCPath, MBA, CCPE

Executive Medical Director (Island Health)
BC Medical Quality Initiative

Trained in medical microbiology and public health in the UK, Martin spent most of his UK career in the Health Protection Agency before becoming a Fellow of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, working on Clostridium difficile and the “Productives” (Releasing Time to Care).  In 2007 Martin joined Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust as Chief Medical Officer, and was recruited from that position to Vancouver Island Health Authority in 2009.  He has been Deputy CMO, and Executive Medical Director in Quality, Patient Safety & Research, then in Medical Affairs & Research. Since 2014 he has also led the BC Medical Quality Initiative.

Melanie Rathgeber, MA

Lead Consultant
Merge Consulting

Melanie has a breadth of experience facilitating innovative and system-wide collaborations to improve quality. Specializing in measurement, Melanie has worked with national, provincial and local initiatives to define indicators and measurement systems. Melanie’s main focus is appropriate data display and ensuring indicator results are meaningful to all levels of staff and leadership. In previous roles with Saskatchewan’s Health Quality Council and the the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, Melanie led projects in a variety of care areas including surgery, ICU, wait times for cancer care, and chronic disease care in the community. She has also been instrumental in designing education programs for staff and physicians. Melanie now divides her time between consulting in the health care and social services sectors and works as Quality Leader for BC Mental Health and Addictions Services.

Sam Williams, MD, FRCPC

Geriatrician/Chief of Staff
West Coast General Hospital

Dr. Dorothy ‘Sam’ Williams is a Geriatrician /Chief of Staff at West Coast General Hospital in Port Alberni and Chair of the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee for Island Health. She has been working as a Geriatrician for Island Health since 2000. She is a clinical instructor with the Department of Medicine UBC and the Island Medical Program.

Dr. Williams has a particular interest in Physician Health Issues; and is a member of the Physician Health Program ‘Physician Advocating Wellness’ groups in BC. She also chairs the Physician Health Program Steering Committee of Doctors of BC. In addition, how we communicate with each other and teams with a focus on building a culture of safety is of particular interest.

Wrae Hill, MSc, RRT, FCSRT

Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) Consultant
Interior Health

Wrae has a breadth of clinical and QI Knowledge and skill, and has a particular interest in the area of; communication, resilience and high reliability in health care. Wrae is a fellow of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapy with a MSc in Human Factors and Systems Safety from Lund University in Sweden. Wrae’s current role within Interior Health (Quality) is part of the Provincial PQI Initiative, (funded by the Specialist Services Committee-SSC), to support Physicians to lead Quality Initiatives within their workplaces.