BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

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The NHS Sustainability Model & Guide: Mastering Sustained Improvements in Health Care

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, in partnership with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, offered an interactive one-day workshop on the NHS Sustainability Model & Guide on November 22, 2012 in Richmond. The session was targeted to those with operational oversight and leadership roles for improvement initiatives, and provided an opportunity for participants to explore their own work in relation to the Sustainability Model.

Evidence suggests that between 33% and 70% of improvement initiatives do not sustain the improvements that they work so hard to achieve. The Sustainability Model and Guide was developed to maximize the potential for health care teams to sustain improvements by effectively employing resources in the design and implementation of improvement projects. The model is a diagnostic tool that identifies strengths and weaknesses in an implementation plan and predicts the likelihood of sustainability for an improvement initiative. Guidance and practical advice on how one might increase the likelihood of sustainability for his or her own improvement initiative was explored during the workshop.


Dr. Lynne Maher
Director for Design and Innovation, NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement