Quality Awards

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Categories & Criteria

Excellence in Quality Categories

The four Excellence in Quality categories represent the four areas of care as defined by the BC Health Quality Matrix; they follow the same criteria, but judges will look for elements that address the chosen area of care. A project can only be nominated in one category.

The Staying Healthy award celebrates a project that prevented injury, illness or disability.


The Getting Better award celebrates a project that improved care for acute illness or injury.


The Living with Illness award celebrates a project that improved care and support for chronic illness and/or injury.


Coping With End of Life

The Coping with End of Life award celebrates a project that improved planning, care or support for life-limiting illness and bereavement.


Individual Award Categories

There are also four categories that recognize inspiring individuals, including patients and caregivers as well as health care practitioners. Each of these categories features its own judging criteria.

A Quality Culture Trailblazer creates an environment where staff are empowered and encouraged to innovate; where teamwork and open communication are the norm; and where hard work is rewarded while passion and fun are just as valued.

There are no required approaches that nominees should follow. We want to know what they do to create a workplace culture that helps their teams thrive and/or helps patients receive the best possible care. Nominees do not have to work in leadership roles, but they do have to be agents of change.


The Everyday Champion award celebrates someone who shows a passion and commitment for improving quality of care, even though their role does not necessarily specify participation in quality improvement activities or leadership responsibilities. The Everyday Champion sees a need for improvement and commits to change, leading by example and inspiring others!

The judging panel will narrow the nominations down to the candidates who best exemplify the award’s criteria. The winner will then be selected through online voting so that everyone from across BC can help select their Everyday Champion!


The Doug Cochrane Leadership in Quality Award celebrates someone who demonstrates outstanding leadership in improving the quality of care. The leader may cultivate skill development in others to improve safety and quality of care, inspire colleagues and/or achieve system-level aims.

We’re excited to have renamed our Leadership in Quality award in honour of our long-time Chair, Doug Cochrane. Doug has long been a leader in improving quality and safety within British Columbia, having chaired the BC Patient Safety Task Force from its inception in 2003 to the creation of the Council in 2008. Since then, he has served as the Council’s Chair and the Provincial Patient Safety & Quality Officer. He has also chaired the BC Patient Safety & Learning System and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, and is currently the Board Chair of Interior Health.


The Leadership in Advancing the Patient Voice award celebrates a patient, caregiver or family member who made an outstanding contribution to advancing the patient voice in BC’s health care system.

The nominee will have assumed a leadership role and will have contributed in any number of meaningful ways, including inspiring other patients and health care organizations to collaborate in pursuit of better health care.


Key Contact

Chloe Sjuberg
Program Assistant, Communications