Quality Forum 2023

June 6 – 8 | Vancouver, BC

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Call for Abstracts

This is your chance to share your project or idea with people who are passionate about improving health care! We’re accepting abstracts for rapid fire presentations and storyboards during the main Forum programming on June 7 & 8.

The Call for Abstracts is now closed.

Submit an Abstract

Abstracts can be submitted under one of two categories, depending on the stage of your work:

Outcomes are initiatives underway or complete with demonstrated results and lessons that can be shared. Projects do not have to be considered a success – failures also provide valuable learning opportunities!

Submit an Outcomes Abstract

Ideas describe original thinking, promising practices or emerging ways of how to improve care that are too young to have results. You can seek input, inspiration collaboration and spark action at an early stage.

Submit an Ideas Abstract

Submission Guidelines

In 300 words or fewer, tell us about any topic related to providing better care for patients, fostering a high-quality health system or creating better environments for those who work within it.

You can submit as many abstracts as you’d like by completing an online submission form for each. All submissions will be notified of the status of their abstract by the end of March.

Abstracts must be written in English. Please proofread your abstract for spelling and grammatical errors and avoid the use of jargon or acronyms that may not be commonly recognized.

We ask that you please review the remaining submission guidelines prior to submitting your abstract. You can also download a PDF version.

You can choose whether you’d like your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation scheduled during the program or a poster that is showcased throughout the event.

Rapid Fire

Engage with participants using slides, video or other media in a 10-minute oral presentation that will be scheduled as part of the main Forum programming. Your presentation will be followed by an eight-minute Q&A period, during which you’re welcome to ask the audience questions for discussion as well.

This presentation format is limited to a maximum of three presenters for inclusion in event materials and participation in the live presentation itself.


Display a 44″ by 44″ poster throughout the main two days of the Quality Forum. You’ll have the opportunity to network and receive feedback on your work from other participants during breaks and lunches, as well as the annual Storyboard Reception on the first evening of the main Forum.

This presentation format is limited to a maximum of one presenter for inclusion in event materials, however, any registered team members are welcome to support the presentation of the poster throughout the event.

New this year! There will be an extra opportunity to give a 5-minute oral presentation at your storyboard as part of a breakout session.

We will also require the following key information as part of your submission:

Main Contact

At this stage in the process, we only require a single contact for your abstract. This individual will be the one informed of the status of your submission and communicated with if we need any additional information. This should be the person that ultimately submits the abstract.

Should your abstract be selected for presentation, you will then be asked to provide the list of speakers that will attend the Quality Forum and present the work on behalf of your team. Please note that speakers must register for the event and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. The number of speakers permitted depends on the presentation format – more details are included in the Presentation Formats section above

Abstract Title

You will need to include a title for your abstract – this is how your abstract will be listed in all program materials. As mentioned, we ask that you refrain from using jargon or acronyms that may not be commonly recognized.


Three keywords are required per abstract. These help us when building the program to ensure abstracts on similar topics are grouped together in our rapid fire sessions and storyboard layout. They are also used by participants when selecting the sessions they want to attend and posters they want to visit.

Learner-Centred Presentation Objective

The Quality Forum will be applying for accreditation through the University of British Columbia, Division of Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD). As part of this process, we must submit learner-centred objectives for the overall event, as well as each individual session, which are made available to participants in the program materials.

You will be asked to submit one learner-centred objective with your abstract. A learner-centred objective is specific, short-range and relatively concrete. It is not a description of the content of the presentation, but instead outlines what a learner will be able to do differently (what learner behaviour will change) after the learning has occurred. The changed behaviour is characterized using an action word or verb, for example:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe “quality” as defined in the BC Health Quality Matrix
  • Identify the five Areas of Care outlined in the BC Health Quality Matrix
  • Apply the BC Health Quality Matrix as a tool to guide planning, improvement, measurement or evaluation within a project, program or initiative

You can learn more about learner-centred objectives and view a full list of action words here.

Previous Quality Forum Involvement

When submitting your abstract, you will need to indicate whether you or team has presented on this work or topic at a previous Quality Forum. If so, you will be prompted to tell us whether or not things have changed, evolved or progressed since then.

Abstracts will be anonymized and scored by a group of abstract reviewers consisting of clinical and non-clinical experts from across the province. Your abstract will be reviewed twice, with each reviewer assigning a score out of 50 for a total score out of 100.

Submissions are scored using one of the two rubrics below, depending on whether you submit your abstract in the “Outcomes” or “Ideas” category. We recommend reviewing each rubric carefully before submitting your abstract to ensure you select the appropriate category and include all necessary information in your submission.


Context & Relevance
The context in which the work was undertaken (what unit/department/ community) is clearly defined and the aim(s) of the work is outlined. The proposed presentation has broad appeal in terms of educational merit and is likely of significant interest to Quality Forum participants. The problem or opportunity is clearly stated, including a description of how it was identified.
The activities undertaken to respond to the problem or opportunity are described, including providers, patient partners and others who were involved and how changes were tested and implemented.
The measurement/evaluation strategy is described, including attributable results to date.
Lessons Learned
Any challenges faced and how they were addressed are shared, along with lessons learned and plans for sustainability.


Context & Relevance
The context in which the work was undertaken or how the idea came to be is clearly stated (what unit/department/community) and the problem or opportunity it seeks to address is identified. The proposed presentation has broad appeal in terms of educational merit and is likely of significant interest to Quality Forum participants.
The new work practice, way of engaging providers, patient partners and others or idea on how to improve care is clearly described, along with any assumptions made and challenges or lessons learned to date.
Potential / Actual Impact
The extent to which what is being described may potentially impact or has already impacted quality or experience of care for patients and/or care providers.
The extent to which what is being described is highly innovative, new or different to what is known to have been previously tried in practice or presented at a past Quality Forum.


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