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Allison Kooijman & Robert Robson: A Restorative Justice Approach to Harm and Health Care

Date: June 11, 2020
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A mutual friend and long-standing patient safety champion suggested Ali and Rob should meet in the summer of 2019. Since discovering a shared passion for patient safety and overlapping values, they haven’t stopped talking and working together to promote relationship-centric change in health care.

Injured as a result of a cancer misdiagnosis, Allison speaks with firsthand experience about the harm, after harm, that results when responses to patient safety incidents are less than ideal. Allison is a former licensed practical nurse, co-chair or Patients for Patient Safety Canada, and a current MA student at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus.

Allison’s Twitter: @AllisonKooijma1

Previously Chief Patient Safety “character” in Winnipeg, Rob now explores the tangled intersection of complexity, resilience, and safety in healthcare ( He tries to help patients navigate the health care system as they seek reasonable answers about their care. Rob is a specialist emergency physician who continues to practice, having worked in a community hospital and tertiary care emergency departments.