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CAT Knowledge Exchange – December 14, 2021

Date: January 6, 2022
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The Community Action Team (CAT) Knowledge Exchange 2021 aims to accelerate local action being taken to address the overdose crisis through increased connection among and between CATs. Providing a virtual space for learning and networking to bring diverse voices together and amplify the leadership of peers. Learn more about the CAT Knowledge Exchange.

This resource page contains recordings and resources from the CAT Knowledge Exchange Event that took place on December 14, 2021 from 1300-1500 PT on Zoom.

Watch the full event (total time: 1 hour 50 min) or scroll down further on this page to find a recording for a specific part.


Event Resources

Self-Care and Safety for Online Events

Video Recordings - December 14, 2021

Below you will find the recordings from the CAT Knowledge Exchange session on December 14, 2021. Click on the text to see the video and any resources specific to that part of the event.

Thank you Stephanie Lines for sharing Penticton CAT’s film project, Displaced: Living in Shadows. The following are three films from this series:

Tim’s Story
Christopher’s Story
Dorothy’s Story

Small Group Discussions

During this CAT Knowledge Exchange session, groups reflected on the following two questions. In an idea waterfall, individuals posted one thing that they would take with them from their conversations.

Reflection on today’s CAT presentations
• What did you find really interesting?
• Which issues resonated with you?

Share learnings from your own local CAT experience
• What has worked well and what has needed improvement?
• What do hope for in the future of your CAT work?

Click here to see peoples responses!