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“Current Sepsis Management” podcast lecture series by Emanuel Rivers

Date: July 3, 2014
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Emanuel Rivers brought the concept of aggressive therapies for sepsis down to the Emergency Department with his seminal article on EGDT published in the NEJM in 2001.

In this three-part lecture, Emanuel is interviewed by the EMCrit BlogHere are his slides from the interview.

Part I

Topics include:

  • Prehospital Antibiotics
  • Comparison between the original EGDT Study and the Jones study (showing the non-inferiority of the non-invasive approach).
  • Alactemic Septic Shock

Part II

Topics include:

  • CVP and Fluid Responsiveness
  • Should End-Stage Renal Failure patients get lots of fluids?
  • Should we be using albumin?
  • Should vasopressin be a first line pressor?
  • Steroids/Etomidate (See a paper by Dr. Marik on steroids in sepsis)

Part III

Topics include:

  •  Protein C?
  • Can you do EGDT in small community EDs?
  • How do you handle the tachycardic patient with severe sepsis?
  • Steroids in the ED?
  • Procalcitonin?