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SQAN Webinar | Embedding Relationship and Interpersonal Skills in the Surgical Setting

Date: January 17, 2020
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SQAN Webinar | January 2020

We are only human – so let’s talk about those human skills!

The world of health care is a busy one, so why should you devote any time to teaching interpersonal skills like leadership, decision-making and communication?

In this webinar, presenter Rhona Flin identifies the benefits of providing training on human relational skills, specifically focusing on surgery.

Rhona is an outstanding researcher and world-respected leader in advancing the importance of “non-technical” skills in health care, focusing on leadership, safety culture, team skills and communication. She is a Professor of Industrial Psychology at the Aberdeen Business School at Robert Gordon University as well as an Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Aberdeen.

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