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How Well Does Your Team Communicate?

Date: December 10, 2014
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In health care, communication breakdowns often seem small and go unnoticed, when they can greatly influence the outcome of patient safety and quality of care1. Shifting to a healthier workplace culture is not an easy task but it starts with the question: “How well does my team communicate?”

Dysfunction in teamwork and communication is often “the elephant in the room”. We are so pleased to share with you our video to help start talking about your own elephants and how your team communicates! We purposefully left it symbolic with no statistics or facts, and hope it generates discussion.

Video Companion Guide

After watching the video, use the guide facilitate a debriefing conversation with your team. By engaging teams with a creative and non-clinical example, we hope to provide an opportunity to hone your observation skills and work to develop and improve how your team communicates.

Communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is complex and subject to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. How we work as a team and communicate with each other are essential parts of a healthy culture. If you want to shift culture, then teamwork and communication are key components to consider.

Download the companion guide


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