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Improvement 101 Learning Series

Date: April 25, 2018
Filed under: Patient Engagement, Quality Improvement, Featured QI, Tools

We have put together a video series on improvement topics. Hosted by three of our Patient Voices Network Engagement Leaders, this series was created for patient partners and volunteers who work within BC’s health care system to help improve care.

These learning modules are aimed at providing a deeper understanding of some of the language, methods, processes, tools and techniques that health care teams are using to make system improvements.

Module 1: Fundamentals for Change

Module 1 of the Improvement 101 Learning Series explores what quality improvement means and the role of systems, culture, complexity and people.

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Module 2: The Process for Improvement

Module 2 of the Improvement 101 Learning Series describes a process that many health authorities and organizations use to make improvements.

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Module 3: Measurement and Using Data for Improvement

Module 3 of the Improvement 101 Learning Series focuses on measurement and using data for improvement. This session emphasizes the importance of collecting data over time and covers how to choose measures for a project and develop a plan to collect data.

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