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Journey Mapping in Cancer Care Maps

Date: February 1, 2019
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To support patients and their families in receiving whole-person cancer care, the system requires a deep understanding of what matters to patients in their care and how the current system is experienced by patients. Patient journey mapping is an effective way to explore and capture the emotional, mental and social experiences of individuals and groups interacting with a complex system.

In a recent project undertaken by the Council, First Nations Health Authority and BC Cancer, three journey mapping sessions were held with adult patients, families and health care providers. Eight themes emerged which were consistent across maps and highlight gaps, barriers and opportunities for improvement within the system, which can be found in the Journey Mapping in Cancer Care Report.

High-resolution versions of the maps are available for download below.

Patient Partner Map
Visual illustration of what patients experiencing cancer care see the health system they are accessing.

Indigenous Patient Partner Map
Visual illustration of the unique experiences of Indigenous patients accessing cancer care and the importance of cultural safety and humility in all care.

Health Care Provider Map
Visual illustration from the perspective of the health care provider.