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LOUD in the ED Action Period 4

Date: November 25, 2020
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The fourth Action Period for LOUD in the ED focuses on bridging community and ED care ! This page includes presentations, slides and activities specific to Action Period 4. Click here to return to the main resource page.

Action Period 3 Recordings & Presentation Slides

Participants were divided into regional breakout rooms for 30 minutes to discuss the following:

  • What’s working well?
  • What’s your biggest question around discharge planning and community referrals?
  • What’s your biggest struggle with discharges?
  • Where do you think community referrals go wrong?
  • When/how do you think community referrals go smoothly?
  • Is there anything you could be doing/know your ED is doing well in terms of supporting referrals?


OAT Clinics Accepting New Patients *Link*
List of OAT clinics across BC that are currently accepting new patients. Provided and updated by the BC Center on Substance Use.

Substance Use Journey Maps *Link*
This series of journey maps provide a visual illustration of the experience of patients and providers engaging in substance use care.


Project Inclusion: Confronting Anti-Homeless and Anti-Substance User Stigma in British Columbia*Link*
Full report (132 pages) by PIVOT Legal Society on the legal, policy-related and other structural barriers that must be addressed in order to meaningfully prevent opioid-related deaths.