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Nurse Initiated Admission Screening of Patients for MRSA

Date: April 18, 2017
Filed under: Quality Academy, Improvement Project

Project description:

Admission screening for AROs (MRSA and GNB) on acute care units is often not completed in timely manner unless Infection Control Practitioners reminds staff to collect specimens. This increases risk for transmission, increases number off nosocomial cases, exposure screenings, HAI, length of stay and impacts bed allocation.

My goal is to enhance primary nurses compliance from 35% to 85% with timely (within 48 h of admission) screening of patients who meet the criteria and have risk factors for MRSA. I will be working with 22-patient unit, at Vancouver General Hospital. Timely screening and isolation will enhance patient care and safety.

I will be working closely with unit Patient Care Coordinator, Clinical Nurse Educator, Unit Manager and Unit Clerk. I am planning to monitor compliance daily and share the information with unit staff and leadership on monthly basis. The final project finding will be shared with the unit staff and leadership as well as with Infection Prevention and Control regional team. I am looking forward to acquire new knowledge and tools at the Quality Academy which will help me increase staff commitment to enhance Quality and Patient Safety. Decreasing possible exposure to communicable disease by timely screening and isolation of patient who fit criteria to be screened and isolated for MRSA will increase patient safety by avoiding harm resulting in care.

Timely screening and isolation of patients with risk factors for AROs decreases transmission which then results in the decrease in HAI (health care associated infections). Reducing the transmission of AROs decreases the length of stay for patients and promotes appropriate bed allocations. Infection Prevention and Control had developed “Infection Control Admission Screening Tool which has been rolled out with partial success. Adequate staff education has been provided. However, staff commitment and compliance at this time has room for improvement. I am planning to work with team and unit staff on finding out what the barriers are and how we can we overcome them.

Project lead:

Name Amira Imamovic-Buljubasic
Title Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner
Organization Vancouver Coastal Health
Phone number 778-872-7223
Email address
Year 2017