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Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis and Support for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Who Develop Dementia

Date: July 24, 2014
Filed under: Clinical Care, Improve Clinical Care, Tools

As life expectancy for people with developmental disabilities increases, they are at higher risk to develop dementia. This four-part, on-line learning series introduces learners to the important topic of dementia in people with developmental disabilities.

The learning series targets interdisciplinary health professionals, physicians, Community Living BC staff and Community Living Society providers who work with this population and who encounter dementia related issues for aging individuals.  Learn more by exploring the full series below.  You can work through each module at your own pace.

The first module in this four-part learning series examines the relationship between chronic disease, brain health and dementia risks. Learn how to assess risk factors and promote brain health strategies to reduce the risk of dementia for individuals with a developmental disability. Flash is required to view this module.

Promoting Brain Health

The second module in this four-part learning series identifies the four domains of early cognitive change (thinking, behaviour, function and mood), and provides practical screening tools for front-line providers to enable early detection and referral for diagnosis. Flash is required to view this module.

Early Screening & Detection of Dementia

The focus of this third module is on understanding the diagnostic pathway, and how to best provide support and information for the individual, family and their support network throughout this process, as well as immediately following the diagnosis of dementia. Flash is required to view this module.

The Pathway to Diagnosis

Project Development and Script Writing by: Elisabeth Antifeau, RN, MScN, GNC(C), Community Integration Health Services, Interior Health

Project Funding kindly provided by the Alzheimer’s Society of BC and BC Ministry of Health with residual funding received from the Grant to Improve Dementia Care in BC.

Module Development by: Jel Protection Ltd.