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Making Your Data Stick: Keys to an Effective and Memorable Presentation

Date: January 19, 2017
Filed under: Quality Café, Sharpen Your Skills, Webinar

For many of us in health care, the word “data” comes up a lot. We are collecting it, improving it, disseminating it, and – above all – making decisions with it. But are we drawing the correct conclusions in time? And how can we present our data clearly to communicate findings?

In this session, we learned how to organize data into clear, visual formats to help your audience understand what you are trying to say, and ensure that your take-home messages are received.

Presenters Danielle Simpson & Jennie Aitken showed us how to use the principles of effective data presentation to communicate difficult concepts, and translate data into decisions from the unit to provincial levels.

Watch this Quality Café to learn how to apply the principles of effective data presentation and analyze how cognitive biases impact the way we understand and interpret data.

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