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To Map Or Not To Map: Is Patient Journey Mapping Right For Me?

Date: June 16, 2016
Filed under: Quality Café, Sharpen Your Skills, Webinar

Patient Journey Mapping (PJM) is a method of gathering feedback from the perspective of patients, families, and caregivers about their experiences in the health care system. It’s a hot topic right now: if you work in health care, you’ve probably heard of PJM, and maybe you’re even wondering if you should use it. But how do you know if it’s right for you?

PJM is a great way of getting inside the patient experience and seeing the big picture when it comes to their interactions with multiple care providers, services, and systems. But it also requires an investment of time, funding, and careful planning. When used in the right way and the right context, it can be extremely useful. But it’s not always the best tool for the job.

In this Quality Café, join us for an brief overview of what PJM is, and hear real-life examples of providers putting it in action. You’ll come away with a better idea of when PJM can work for your improvement initiative, and what other tools could work for you instead.


Jo-Ann Tisserand
Integration Lead
Interior Health Authority

Christina Southey
Provincial Collaborative Coach
Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative

Liz Lamb
Leader, Innovation and Engagement
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council