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The Science Behind Resistance II: Now What?

Date: December 15, 2016
Filed under: Quality Café, Sharpen Your Skills, Webinar

After October’s Quality Café, you asked for more concrete examples and strategies for recognizing resistance to change… That’s what we’re delivering in today’s webinar!

With a lot of new information to digest, a key theme in the feedback we received was a desire for more examples to illustrate how awareness of resistance can be applied and operationalized:

  • “It was a lot of information for my brain to take in”
  • “More practical applications in health care settings”
  • “A work example of how this concept worked for a project”

Mark will dive into a few common scenarios you may face in your work environment: how to deal with resistance from a colleague, from a direct report, or your own resistance! We’re programmed to jump straight to decision-making, sometimes without considering the shared outcome and possible options first. So how do you get people on board with testing or implementing different change ideas?

Recognizing resistance is not an easy task – but when you do recognize it, then what?

By the end of this Quality Café, participants will be able to recognize resistance, challenge their own response to resistance, and begin working with resistance from others in a more effective manner.

Don’t forget to watch Part I here!

Mark Jaben, MD, has practiced Emergency Medicine for over 30 years, working in a wide variety of settings in the USA and New Zealand. This has included both clinical work, in which he is still active, and a number of administrative and teaching roles, in settings ranging from small critical access hospitals to large urban medical centers. A major creative and thought provoking endeavor for the past few years is the soon to be published book, Free The Brain: Overcome The Struggle People And Organizations Face With Change, which applies the insights from neuroscience research on how the brain operates to why organizations do, or don’t, function so well.

Download the slides from this Quality Café webinar