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Recording of Blood Pressure and Weight Measurements at a Long Term Care Facility

Date: April 20, 2017
Filed under: Quality Academy, Clinician Quality Academy, Improvement Project

Project description:

Holy Family Hospital ECU is a 142-bed long term care facility which has RN’s and RCA’s (registered care aides) who measure blood pressure and weights on a monthly basis. This information is manually entered into paper-based binders. Due to the diverse locations and processes of this data collection, this quality improvement project was undertaken to standardize measurements, recordings and access to enable easier location of the information by the various interdisciplinary care team members.

Quality Improvement project was undertaken starting in April 2017 with CQA’s second cohort. After collating the process and various locations of the information, a QI Committee was formed with the various disciplines to determine how blood pressures and weights were used in clinical practice. The first PDSA was using red-coloured binders in a standard location, using standard procedure (all measurements were to be completed for all ECU residents within the first week of the month). Measurement of the compliance with recordings was undertaken at the 6 neighbourhoods at different times of the month and feedback given to staff through presentations.

Project lead:

Name Eileen Wong
Title Physician
Organization Providence Health
Phone 604-332-2610
Email address
Year 2017