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Resilient Health Care Systems

Date: November 19, 2020
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Are you feeling resilient today?

What exactly do we mean by resilience? Is the resilience of individuals different from organizational resilience? What does research tell us about the resilience of systems, organizations and teams? How can you use the Resilience Assessment Grid (RAG) to better understand the way systems respond to major disruptions in a more or less resilient manner?

In this interactive session, a major case study that we are all living through (COVID-19) will be used to illustrate the main characteristics of resilient systems. Mini-polls will be used throughout the session to elicit from participants a sense of how well we are responding to the pandemic.

Learning Objectives:

Following this webinar you will:

  • Have an understanding of the concept of resilience
  • Be able to distinguish the main capabilities of systems that determine how resilient their response will be to major disruptions
  • Understand how to apply the Resilience Assessment Grid (RAG) to your organization or team

About the presenter:

Rob Robson continues in active clinical practice, now as a primary care physician after many years as a specialist emergency physician. He continues to work as a conflict engagement practitioner, mediator and coach. His main passion is exploring the tangled intersection of safety, resilience and complexity in health care.

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