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Responsive Behaviours Quick Reference Cards

Date: January 31, 2019
Filed under: Clear, Improve Clinical Care, Quality Improvement, Tools

This is an excellent resource from the Dementia Training Australia group. It provides 11 cards divided into each of the basic categories of responsive behaviors (i.e. anxiety, vocally disruptive, etc.). The file enables the user to print double sided color copies and if they desire, cut, laminate and hole punch so that they become pocket sized reference material.

User comment:

“These cards hang in our nursing stations or some nurses have them with them.  When a nurse wants to talk about a problem with behaviour of a patient, we both look at the appropriate card and try to answer the prompting questions.  This always helps us think of a solution we hadn’t thought of before.”

Access the Responsive Behaviours Quick Reference Cards

Resource from: Dementia Training Australia