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“Right First Time” Briefing Notes: Strategic Tools for Population Health

Date: April 18, 2017
Filed under: Quality Academy, Improvement Project

Project description:

Population Health (PH) briefing notes for Interior Health executive committees are important strategic tools for raising awareness, seeking direction and gaining approvals (including resources) to advance population health goals. A rapid review of the process to identify, develop and sign-off briefing notes, identified opportunities to improve task and role definition, writing skills, organizational awareness, version control, use of technology, communication and forward planning. The aim of this improvement project was to ensure that all briefing notes were “right first time” at VP review (i.e. requiring no more than minor revision that does not result in delay or further consultation).

Key stakeholders included the Population Health Senior Leadership Team, representative leads and authors, systems operational support and executive administrators. Using stakeholder feedback and improvement measures, causes of variation were understood and change ideas tested and implemented. These changes included remapping the process (using Lean methodology), forward planning (including log with measures), standardizing outputs (through decision support) and supporting collaborative development (using SharePoint). Although PDSA cycles were slow by nature and sustained improvement was difficult to quantify, anecdotal evidence indicated that confidence among senior leaders and users of the process had improved over the course of the project. Informed by an organization-wide Lean improvement project, next steps are to sustain improvements in Population Health and to collaborate with other portfolios to continuously improve the wider process across the health authority.

Project lead:

Name Julian Mallinson
Title Leader, Projects and Quality
Organization Interior Health Authority
Phone number T: (250) 469-7070 x12282
C: (250) 212-8561
Email address
Year 2017