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So What Does Quality Mean, Anyway? Using the Updated BC Health Quality Matrix

Date: June 17, 2020
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So What Does Quality Mean, Anyway? Using the Updated BC Health Quality Matrix | June 2020

As the health care system resumes services which were reduced during its response to COVID-19, we know they will include new ways of planning, assessing and improving care. The updated BC Health Quality Matrix can help ensure this “new normal” is built on a foundation of quality.

The Quality Café – our lunch-and-learn webinar series – returns on June 17 with a look at how the Matrix defines the core components of quality. It will also cover practical ways that the health care system can use the Matrix as a framework for care that is respectful, safe, accessible, appropriate, effective, equitable and efficient for all.

The BC Health Quality Matrix provides a common language and understanding about quality. It answers the question: What do we mean by the “quality” of care? Its updates ensure BC’s vision of high-quality care aligns with the latest evidence and honours the history and teachings of Indigenous Peoples in the province. They emphasize the link between quality and the social determinants of health, stress the importance of the early years of life and focus on promoting wellness.

The Matrix is relevant for all health and wellness services, anywhere in the province – join us to learn how to apply it in your care setting and/or community.

After this Webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe quality as understood through the Matrix, including the relational nature of care, the seven Dimensions of Quality and the five Areas of Care.
  • Reflect on the tangible ways that the Matrix can be used in planning, assessing and/or delivering care across the continuum.


Ben Ridout
Director, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Chelsea Hochfilzer
Leader, Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Mark Matthew
a/Director, Quality
First Nations Health Authority

Additional resources

Click here to download the slides from this Quality Cafe

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