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Supporting Change Through Cognitive Coaching

Date: September 20, 2019
Filed under: Improve Culture, Quality Café, Sharpen Your Skills, Webinar

Supporting change of any kind has long been identified as a challenge in health care – from adopting best practices, to supporting patients to follow medical advice, to teaching students and residents to use competency-based approaches, to working with colleagues and teams. All of these roles demand that health care providers be agents of change. We usually look to provide advice or education as a means to change behaviour. What if, instead, we tackled change by supporting the thinking behind the behaviour? This means fulfilling a role as a “mediator of thinking” as opposed to an “expert.”

Cognitive Coaching is a well-established and researched approach to communication from the education sector. This approach teaches specific and practical behaviours that are invaluable to agents of change. By fostering safe, supportive and judgement-free conversations, we can shift towards a culture that creates an impactful learning organization. In changing our conversations, we can change the ways in which individuals grow collectively, plan, reflect, resolve problems and create deeper connections.

In this session, participants will learn about this exciting innovation in health care and the ways in which it may be used to advance quality improvement initiatives in their own workplaces and areas of practice.


Margie Sills-Maerov, BSc OT, MBA, CHE
Director, Quality & Education
Alberta Health Services

John Clarke
Training Associate
Thinking Collaborative

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