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What Do Teams Have To Do With It? High-Functioning Teams for Advancing Team-Based Care

Date: February 21, 2021
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Team Up! Team-Based Primary & Community Care in Action is a webinar and podcast series that aims to connect individuals and teams, identify tools to apply to current work underway and share experiences in team-based care across the province. Access the podcast!


This webinar examines the importance of high-functioning teams in enabling better care. Dana Hubler and Rahul Gupta will explore the value of high-functioning teams, share evidence on eight elements that foster high-functioning teams, and relate details about the Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC (QTC4RBC) program.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the impact of high-functioning teams on patient and provider satisfaction, retention and patient outcomes
  • Share the elements that foster high-functioning teams
  • Describe the Quality Team Coaching for Rural BC program

Dana Hubler

I was born as a settler in the traditional territory of the Tsimshian people and I am now raising my family on the lands of the K’omoks Nation. As a family physician and as a citizen of this country, I am committed to doing my part to create a kinder and more equitable healthcare system. As a rural family physician, team-based care has always been a matter of survival and a source of joy.  When at play, you can find me growing food or flowers, hiking or whipping up some yummy food for my family.

Rahul Gupta

Rahul works as an integrative medical physician, professional coach, mindfulness instructor, and advocate for provider wellness. He is a Certified MBSR Teacher through the Center for Mindfulness and facilitates mindfulness-based interventions for both providers and patients. He also is a Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner and integrates trauma-sensitive approaches into all of his trainings. He has over 18 years of experience being an ICF- Certified Professional Coach, supporting leaders and (more recently) teams in cultivating compassionate self & situational awareness.

Rahul is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the UBC Department of Family Practice.


What Do Teams Have To Do With It: High Functioning Teams

This episode is a recording of February 18th’s Team Up webinar. In this episode, family physicians Dana Hubler and Raul Gupta share their experiences with the Quality Team Coaching Program for Rural BC (QTC) and reflect on what they have learned about elements that foster the development of highly functioning teams. Rahul and Dana reflect on the importance of psychological safety, relationships and the engagement of leadership in efforts to enhance team based care in rural BC and discuss how the lessons they have learned could be applied more broadly. Learn more about the pilot program here: