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World Sepsis Day 2017

Date: September 8, 2013
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World Sepsis day is September 13th! As always, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate all of the work you have done to promote early recognition and treatment of sepsis in inpatient and emergency settings, and to promote some great sepsis resources to your networks.

Sepsis Tweet Here are some ways you can spread the word and get people excited!

On September 12th, watch the World Sepsis Congress Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis. This online congress brings together 25 speakers to tackle a leading cause of maternal and infant mortality worldwide: sepsis. Participation is open to everyone with an internet connection and free of charge. We will be live-tweeting many of the sessions with the hashtags #sepsis, #WSD17 and #stopsepsis.

On World Sepsis Day, set up a table or show up at a huddle to congratulate teams on the awesome work they’ve done so far.  Take the opportunity to share that sepsis is actually a global health concern – it was declared a Global Health Priority by the World Health Organization in May 2017!

Make a Change Day Pledge!

The BC Sepsis Network has joined forces with Change Day BC to promote World Sepsis Day and sepsis awareness through change day pledges and blog posts during the week of September 11-15th.  Visit to review pledges and blog posts (some are already about sepsis!) and make your own pledge for change!

Change Day

Join the conversation during World Sepsis Day on Twitter!

Follow #WSD17#stopsepsis and @BCSepsis to join in the international conversation, or post your own stories!  Not sure what to tweet? Here are some ideas!

Sample tweets:

  • #Sepsis is now a WHO global health priority – what can we do in BC? #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • For #sepsis, ‘Speed is Life.’ Learn about timely recognition & treatment at #bchc #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • On Sep 12, join 25 speakers on a leading cause of maternal and neonatal death: #sepsis. Details: #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • 25 experts, 4 sessions, 1 FREE education experience: the World #Sepsis Congress Spotlight is Sept 12! Details: #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • The World #Sepsis Declaration: reduce sepsis incidence by 20% by 2020! Show your support #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • Overcome barriers to #sepsis ID & treatment in inpatient wards with the @BCSepsis toolkit. #bchc #wsd17 #stopsepsis
  • Take 97 seconds to consider the impact #sepsis has on families left behind. #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • #Sepsis affects nearly 2x as many ppl as stroke & heart attacks. Learn more: #stopsepsis
  • Someone dies of #sepsis every 3-4 seconds. Sep 13 is #WorldSepsisDay – learn to recognize early warning signs. #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • ICYMI – @BCSepsis has updated sepsis guidelines for BC Emergency Rooms! #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • ICYMI – @DrDavSweet explains new @BCSepsis network guidelines in free webinar! #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • Learn how to stop #sepsis deaths & provide “Best Care, No Matter Where” – join the BC Sepsis Network @BCSepsis #bchc #WSD17 #stopsepsis
  • Sepsis impacts people regardless of age, gender, health or location. Compelling #patientstories here: #WSD17 #stopsepsis