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Change Day

Change Day BC took place on November 17, 2017! Over 7,000 people joined the movement to drive change and improvement in the health system. We invited you to make a pledge to commit an act of change, or to try something new, in order to improve care for patients in British Columbia. Change Day is a celebration of the power of any person – patients, caregivers, health care providers, students, volunteers – to have a positive impact on the health system.

Change Day is a global movement that was started in 2013 by the National Health Service (NHS) in England. Countries from all over the world have since launched their own change days, spreading the energy and excitement to improve care globally. Over a million people have made pledges!

The first Change Day in BC happened on October 15, 2015, and inspired thousands of pledges – over 7,800, in fact – from every corner of the province, and every area of care. You can learn more about the first Change Day BC by reading our report, or watching these short videos about a few of the pledges that really inspired us!

The actions and initiatives sparked by Change Day were so amazing that we knew we had to do it again. Our second Change Day took place on November 17, 2017 and we saw over 7,000 pledges made! Also, in 2017, Alberta and Ontario celebrated Change Day on the same day as BC! Learn more about what others pledged and catch up with the webinars on our vimeo channel.

Change Day 2017 Report

Change Day 2017 ReportOur final report summarizes what we learned about harnessing the power of distributed leadership, making campaigns fun and aligning Change Day with people’s values.

Download the 2017 report


Change Day 2015 Report

See all the activities, accomplishments and stories from the first Change Day BC.  We hope that you are inspired and motivated to continue (or begin!) making small acts of change.