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What Matters to You?

“What Matters to You?” is a simple question that can have a big impact on the quality of care. When providers have a conversation about what really matters to the people they care for, it helps them to perform their work more effectively and to provide care that is patient- and family-centred. To support health care providers in this work, we launched a provincial initiative with a simple question aimed at ensuring that care is aligned with what matters to patients and their families. Learn more about “What Matters to You?

A selection of downloadable resources is available on the “What Matters to You?” order page. Additional resources for patients and providers are available to order, and will be distributed for free within BC.

"What Matters to You?" Instructional Video

A Guide to Having Conversations That Matter

This resource provides tools specific to providers (in the first section) and then for patients, family members or caregivers (in the second section), to help spark “What Matters to You?” conversations.

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