Clinician Fellowship in Health Care Quality

Clinician Fellowship in Health Care Quality

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Applications for Our Clinical Fellowship in Health Care Quality Are Now Closed

The Clinician Fellowship in Health Care Quality program supports the development of clinician leaders as part of our mandate to build capability and expertise for patient safety and quality within BC’s health care system. It develops clinicians’ leadership skills required to deliver improvements in the quality of care while fostering a growing network of leaders to further promote a culture of improvement throughout the system.

Meet our first clinician fellows here!

About the Fellowship

Fellows are embedded in our team for a full year, working alongside our staff and clinical leads on initiatives focused on health care quality. They contribute to key decisions and strategies while gaining exposure to different aspects of health care administration, improvement science and engagement of patient partners and other key system stakeholders.

This includes being immersed in all aspects of the initiative, attending stakeholder meetings, supporting the dissemination and publication of key findings, contributing their clinical and academic expertise and learning from a dynamic team with diverse backgrounds. Fellows also benefit from mentorship from clinical and administrative leaders who have led large-scale health care system improvement efforts.

Together with Michael Smith Health Research BC, fellows also have access to a network of scholars and researchers with a focus on learning health systems, patient-oriented research, health care quality and patient safety. This partnership provides fellows with the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance with regards to publication and research activities linked to the projects in which they’re involved.

Timeline & Application Process

Fellowship Applications & Selection: Summer
We asked applicants to send us a current CV and one- or two-page cover letter outlining:

  • motivation for applying
  • relevant career goals; and
  • Council initiative(s) of interest.

Applications closed on July 17. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview. All applicants will be notified of their application outcome once the fellows for this year are selected.

Fellowship Commences: Fall
Successful applicants start their fellowship.

The Fellowship Experience


The fellowship supports physicians and nurse practitioners to build knowledge, skills and confidence to:

  • Design, plan and implement quality and safety initiatives in health care;
  • Create and strengthen networks and relationships with leaders in quality across BC, Canada and internationally;
  • Build working knowledge of system re-design, quality improvement, role of policy in advancing quality and implementation science; and
  • Navigate the complexities of engaging and leading change across organizations.

Who Should Apply?

The fellowship program is open to physicians and nurse practitioners that are practicing in BC and is best suited for early-career clinicians with a demonstrated interest in improving the quality of care. Ideal applicants will have some understanding and involvement in improvement initiatives and/or formal training in quality improvement through programs such as the Clinician Quality Academy, Physician Quality Improvement or IHI Improvement Advisor initiatives. Paramount will be an interest in becoming a leader of large-scale initiatives to improve the quality of care.

Areas of Focus

Fellows are embedded within our organization and their work aligns with one or more of our priority areas. As such, a key part of matching potential applicants to fellowship opportunities is identifying initiatives that we’ll be leading over the course of the fellowship year. Some examples of potential areas include:

Substance Use
We’re supporting efforts to identify and enhance effective treatment of opioid use disorder in primary care. We’re aiming to support increased initiation and maintenance of opioid agonist therapy.

Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement
We’re supporting the development of a Measurement System for Physician Quality Improvement as the secretariat and project team. This collaborative effort – a partnership with the Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health and health authorities – seeks to identify quality measures and create the technical infrastructure to collect and share the results.

We’re facilitating linkages across the health care system to implement emerging evidence that improves prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, while minimizing the inequities of under-represented and vulnerable population groups.

Through the BC Sepsis Network, we provide mechanisms for enhancing knowledge translation and accelerating sepsis improvement work across the province, with an aim of reducing morbidity and mortality associated with sepsis.

“What Matters to You?”
In partnership with health care organizations across the province and the Patient Voices Network’s Oversight & Advisory Committee, we support and facilitate providers to embed “What Matters to You?” into everyday practice. This includes identifying and spreading innovative strategies being used around the world.

Patient Safety
We’re interested in using a data-driven approach to better understand where there are gaps in patient safety across the province. Then, in collaboration with subject matter experts, identifying promising techniques to address them.

Discharge from Hospital
Transitions from hospital back to home can be challenging and pose risks during a time of significant stress for patients and families. We’re supporting the adoption of the Bridge-to-Home initiative to improve the experience of care, increase the ability of patients and care partners to manage their care as they transition home, and reduce avoidable acute care hospital readmissions.

Planetary Health
We’re interested in the intersections of the health care system and planetary health, and looking to explore ways in which the clinical delivery of health care can reduce its impact on the health of our planet through innovative approaches that can be scaled.

Commitment & Funding

Physician fellows are compensated at the sessional rate defined in the Physician Master Agreement for two sessions per week, and other clinicians will be funded at an hourly rate for up to 7.5 hours per week. This is equivalent to one day per week dedicated to fellowship activities and we anticipate that there will be flexibility in the scheduling of this time. It will also be adjusted based on the needs of the initiative to which they are contributing, clinical schedules and other personal and professional commitments.

Expenses such as conference attendance, travel related to fellowship activities and professional development opportunities will be funded by us.

Key Contact

Andrew Wray
Executive Director, Learning, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives