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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Clinician Quality Academy is designed to support physicians and other clinicians to lead quality and safety initiatives in health care in BC. It is anticipated that participants will be specialists, GPs and other clinical providers (typically those in medical staff roles such as nurse practitioners, midwives, etc) working in multiple settings such as hospitals, primary care and/or long-term care in both urban and rural settings.

While some clinicians with formal leadership roles will attend, the program is designed to support all those with an interest in becoming more effective clinical champions and leading improvement initiatives in health care.

The Clinician Quality Academy is aligned with existing programs that support clinicians in BC to take on formal leadership roles (such as the Sauder Physician Leadership Program and the SFU Leadership and Management Development Program).

If you are still unsure if the Clinician Quality Academy is the right fit, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

We recognize the important role clinicians play in improving care. Increasingly, there is recognition that strong collaboration and teamwork between clinicians and their administrative partners is key in providing quality care. We see many benefits of having both parties attend a quality improvement professional development program together, including:

  • strengthen organizational and executive commitment to quality;
  • build effective communication;
  • enhance complementary and collaborative partnerships;
  • gain additional perspectives;
  • build similar competencies together;
  • accelerate implementation of change and point of care innovation;
  • reduce silos;
  • increase transparency;
  • build shared responsibility for performance and outcomes; and
  • drive clinical and organizational excellence.

The Clinician Quality Academy will continue to have a strong clinical focus, and individual clinician participants are welcome.

All participants must attend all residency sessions in order to complete the Clinician Quality Academy. During residency sessions, it is expected that participants will be free from official duties to maximize their learning opportunities.

As well, participants will require adequate time and support during the eight-month program to dedicate to their quality project and webinars. Experience suggests that this time is at least half a day per week, however, this will vary considerably depending on the scope of the project chosen.

In the case of extraordinary circumstances, such as illness or family emergency, Clinician Quality Academy Faculty will work individually with participants to cover the missed material to complete the program. Faculty will not be able to cover material missed for work related reasons.

Click here to download the key dates for Cohort 4.

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council provides significant funding to support the program as part of its mandate to support education and capacity building for quality across the province. However, a registration fee of $1,995 plus GST will be charged for all program participants. Participants will also be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs for the residency sessions, which are all held in Vancouver.

Recognizing the potential cost that can be incurred, physician participants are welcome to apply for funding from organizations such as the Joint Clinical Committees to subsidize program costs. For example, the Shared Care and Specialist Services committees offer Physician Leadership Training scholarships to qualifying physicians to subsidize travel costs and/or registration fees for participation in leadership training like Clinical Quality Academy, as part of their commitment to support physicians who have an interest in improving quality of care.

For further information on how to apply for funding, please visit the Shared Care Committee or Specialist Services Committee website.

The Clinician Quality Academy is a modification of the Quality Academy that aims to recognize both the vital role clinicians play in health system improvement and the unique needs and expectations they have related to professional development. As such, changes have been made to content (e.g. focus on clinical roles), learning modalities (e.g. more case studies and peer learning), and scheduling (e.g. shorter in-person learning time).

We’ll continue delivering the Quality Academy and clinicians are also welcome to apply for that program. The Clinician Quality Academy simply features content and a delivery format that have been specifically tailored to clinicians and clinical/administrative leadership dyads.

Learn about the program’s aim and curriculum.

Cohort 4:

Clinician Quality Academy has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the British Columbia Chapter for up to 61 Mainpro+ Credits.

Yes, all participants must have a quality improvement project as part of the Clinician Quality Academy. Leading a project gives participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge that is explored in the residency sessions in a real-world situation. Graduates then have the confidence to know they can apply the skills from the Clinician Quality Academy once the program ends. Dyad participants will apply learning on a shared improvement project.

The scope of the project is flexible, and should give you an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the program. See the  quality project criteria for more information.

Here are a few guiding questions to help you start thinking about potential projects:

  • Think about a typical work day. What frustrates you the most when it comes to delivering care?
  • If you could change one thing about your work day, what would it be?

The Quality Project does not have to be brand new; more importantly, the project must provide the opportunity to apply the concepts learned during residencies. This may be a good topic to discuss with the Executive Sponsor who is supporting your project.

In order to ensure participants are able to successfully carry out their project work, in most instances participants will require support from an Executive Sponsor. The purpose of an Executive Sponsor is to ensure that the participant has organizational support necessary to work on their Clinician Quality Academy project.

Participants should aim to obtain executive support within the organization, department or facility in which their improvement project is taking place. This means that obtaining Executive Sponsorship should be determined by the scope of the project, which will look different for each participant. Below are some examples of potential Executive Sponsors that are chosen based on the scope of a project:

  • If a project is taking place within a health authority, an Executive Sponsor may be a member of the senior executive team (CEO, COO, VP) within the unit that the project is occurring.
  • If a project is taking place in a long-term home, you may require endorsement for the project from an operational leader.
  • If a primary care physician is leading a project that spans across a community, an Executive Sponsor may be the head of the relevant Division of Family Practice.
  • If a primary care physician is leading a project within their own practice, they may not need an Executive Sponsor.

If you are still unsure who may be an appropriate executive sponsor in your case, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

No, the Clinician Quality Academy is designed for anyone who works in BC’s publicly-funded health care system. This includes all health care sectors across the continuum of care.

The fourth Clinician Quality Academy cohort will be limited to a total of 28 participants (including individual clinicians and dyad-partners). This ensures that participants are given the support they need to be successful in the program and allows for discussion and debate during residency sessions. Potential participants are encouraged to apply early to ensure a spot in the upcoming cohort. We employ a rolling admission process and this means we accept application on an ongoing basis, and spots are likely to fill up in advance of the registration deadline.

No, you do not have to be a physician, but please note that the structure and schedule of this program is geared towards practicing physicians (and other clinicians, typically those in medical staff roles such as nurse practitioners, midwives etc.) and their administrative leadership dyad partners. Participants will be engaging in more practiced-based group learning and self-reflective exercises than the Quality Academy, and the schedule is modified to accommodate clinicians who would not be available during regular business hours due to conflicts such as office hours, clinics, and operating times.

Trainees and residents are encouraged to apply if they are able to anticipate a consistent practice setting for the duration of the program, obtain organizational support through an Executive Sponsor, and build a team and make improvements in that setting. If a change in a participant’s practice schedule occurs midway through the program, his or her learning and participation may be negatively impacted.

All participants are required to attend all four residency sessions as part of the Clinician Quality Academy. For more details about the commitment and expectations from participants, please see the “Clinician Quality Academy” page. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate additional attendees for individual sessions and therefore anyone who attends a session must be a fully registered participant in the program.

The Clinician Quality Academy Faculty are drawn from across BC as experts in improving health care quality. This is a diverse group that will provide a variety of unique perspectives and cover a comprehensive curriculum giving participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead improvement initiatives.

You should receive an email once you have submitted both the application form and the executive sponsor form. If you have not received this, please contact us. Applicants who are accepted to the Clinician Quality Academy will receive additional instructions with details for completing the enrollment process.