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We are excited to announce the seventh annual Summer Student Internships in Quality & Safety! This program supports teams in health care organizations to hire a fully-funded intern to advance their projects aimed at improving the health care system, while building the capacity of future quality improvement leaders.

Are you a student interested in applying?

The opportunities for 2019 are posted on our careers page! Any graduate or undergraduate student is eligible to apply for the 10 paid summer internships. Jobs are located across BC and students from across the province are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is May 6, 2019.

Summer Student Internship 2019 Timeline

Student Timeline

Projects must have a clearly defined role for the intern and offer a meaningful learning opportunity about the process of improving health care quality. Click here to see the 2018 project titles, as examples. Teams must have a designated supervisor who will oversee the work of the student during their internship, and will be responsible for providing space, supplies, and any other resources necessary to complete the project.  This may include access to records, IT systems, and physical locations.

Project proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Scope of Role & Project
The nature of the intern’s role in the project and the extent to which it is clearly defined and achievable within the time frame
Educational Benefit
The extent to which the project provides a meaningful learning opportunity about the process of improving health care quality
Patient Impact
Preference will be given to projects that will have a tangible impact on patient care and outcomes
Team Composition
Preference will be given to proposals that involve the intern as part of a larger multidisciplinary team
Topic Area
Priority will be given to project topics that align with health system priorities such as (but not limited to) seniors care, surgery, and mental health & substance use

The region in which the project takes place will also be taken into account. We will endeavor to ensure that opportunities are spread geographically across the province, if appropriate proposals are received.

We are no longer accepting project proposals for 2019.

Submitted project proposals will be scored by an external review committee. Once the successful project teams have been notified, 10 intern job postings will be created and posted to the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council website and students will be invited to apply to the projects they are interested in. Medical students, students from the allied health disciplines, graduate and undergraduate students will all be eligible to apply for internships.

Student applicants will be jointly reviewed and interviewed by a Council staff member and a member of the project team. The final hiring decision for the intern will be made jointly between the two organizations.

Interns will be supported for up to 225 hours, which is expected to take place between June and August 2019.

  • Project proposals due: March 15 by 1600
  • Successful teams notified: Week of March 25
  • Internship job descriptions posted: April 8
  • Applications from students due: May 6
  • Internship interviews: May 6-17

Interns will be employed by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council at a wage of $17 per hour, for up to 225 hours of time. Interns will also be paid for an additional 7.5 hours and have travel costs covered (if required) to attend an in-person intern education day at the Council office in Vancouver on June 24.

Funding is also available (up to $800 per intern) to support the dissemination of project results and can include travel/conference fees or publication costs.

Click here to download a report that recaps and captures the impact of the 2018 program.

Read Our Report

Click here to download a report that recaps and captures the impact of the 2017 program.

Read Our Report

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Andrew Wray
Executive Director, Learning, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives