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Frequently Asked Questions

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is your legal employer. Payments are issued from the PHSA via direct deposit.

You will be supported during your internship by your project lead. You will also be supported by Shari McKeown from BCPSQC to help address any questions or concerns you might have throughout your project.

Please familiarize yourself with the Council – the About page of our website is a good place to start! You can read about our vision and values, get to know our team members, and read through our Strategic Plan. We encourage you to browse through our website so that you can answer questions about our programs and the work we do when you are working off site.

Please sign up for our newsletter so that you are aware of upcoming events, news and other offerings.

When we meet for the education day, we’ll include a tour of the offices so you can get to know some of the people on our team.

You will receive a hiring package from PHSA that will include a direct deposit form. However, your first payment may come by cheque to the address initially provided should there be a delay in processing the form before you start.

Payments occur every second week. As start dates vary for interns, the pay periods (and pay period end) are noted below for the entire work term.

Your hours will need to be submitted by 1pm on the Wednesday of the week prior to payday in order for payroll to be processed on time. Please input what hours you are planning to work on the last Thursday of the pay period.

Please email both Shari McKeown ( and Yukiko Rudolf ( as soon as possible.

We will be sending you each a timesheet (in MS Excel) for you to track your hours. At the end of each pay period, please submit this timesheet to our timekeeper, Yukiko Rudolf.

The timesheet will include instructions on how to fill it out, the pay period start/end dates, as well as the deadlines to submit every 2 weeks. You will input your start and end times, as well as your break, and the spreadsheet will automatically tally your total hours for each workday.

A regular weekly schedule, whether it be full or part time, is required. While schedules are negotiated with each project lead, the guidelines below are applicable to all interns:

  • Paid hours are limited to 7.5 paid hours a day (8 hour shift with 30 min break).
  • Weekly hours are limited to 37.5 hours per week (overtime is not paid).
  • Statutory holidays are not considered working days for interns.
  • Intern’s shifts cannot exceed more than five consecutive days.

Interns can work up to 225 hours, which includes the biweekly WebEx connection meetings with BCPSQC but does not include the education day in Vancouver on June 25 (7.5 hours).

For shifts longer than 4 hours, a 30 minute break must be taken (e.g. working 1000-1500, for 5 hours, will be paid as 4.5 hours).

You cannot move your break to the end of your shift in order to leave early. Please take your break during your scheduled work day.

Connect with your project lead. If you have unresolved issues or for any general questions, please feel free to contact Shari McKeown (BCPSQC) at 778-477-4440 or

Your project lead should provide you will all required accounts, IDs and access during initial orientation or in the early weeks following hiring. Please connect directly with your on-site project lead if you are having trouble with access to needed areas/supplies/IT. If the problem is unable to be resolved, please contact Shari McKeown.

You may take unpaid sick days if you require them. If you require a sick day, please contact both your project lead and Shari McKeown by phone, text or email. Please be aware that the hours you would have worked cannot be submitted on days you are sick or away.

It is common to make vacation plans or other summer commitments in advance. Please be sure to notify your project lead during the first week for support in planning your schedule.

We will be hosting everyone in Vancouver for a workshop where you will learn all about Quality Improvement, meet your colleagues and have some fun! Reserve it in your calendar as it is a requirement of this internship. We will be reaching out soon for those out of town to make travel arrangements. Everyone coming to the event needs to register through this link:

Students are strongly encouraged to share the results of their projects at a conference after the work term has ended.

We will pay for up to $800 for conference fees, supplies and travel to disseminate the results of your project. Original receipts must be submitted and we will assist in booking travel but students are expected to travel on their own time. Students will not be paid a wage to attend the conference. Requests to use these knowledge translation funds must be made within 6 months after completion of your project.

Did we miss anything? If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Shari McKeown by either phone or email.