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Game On! Using Gamification to Maximize Motivation and Engagement for Health Improvement

Game On! Using Gamification to Maximize Motivation and Engagement for Health Improvement

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What is Gamification? It means using designs and elements of games (like Monopoly, Angry Birds and Minecraft) in non-gaming contexts, like health care! It’s rapidly spreading internationally as an exciting way to engage people in change. We’ve used its principles in much of our recent work and love how it can motivate people to take action and engage them in a project.

This full-day, interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of how motivational theory and game design can engage patients, families and those working within the health care system to improve care.

You’ll get an opportunity to explore how gamification can be used in your own heath improvement initiatives and take home some resources to help you get started!

The workshop is intended for anyone who is interested in using an innovative tool to improve care and engage people in change, such as:

  • health providers,
  • quality improvement leads,
  • health leaders,
  • administrators, and
  • health technology leaders

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the rationale for using gamification in a health improvement context
  • Recognize dynamics, mechanics, and components in game
  • Describe an example of gamification as applied to a health improvement context
  • Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and identify four primary intrinsic motivators
  • Examine six user types and the primary motivators for each type
  • Develop a gamified health improvement initiative to engage and motivate people in positive behaviour change

At the last Gamification workshop, at Quality Forum 2017:

91% of attendees agreed with the statement, “Overall, the information was delivered clearly.”

91% agreed, “The materials presented were useful.”

87% agreed, “I learned new ideas that I will be able to apply.”

91% agreed, “This session provided an opportunity for interactive learning.”

Attendees said of the workshop:

Very fun and interactive session ?

Awesome! Love the resources you gave us, and loved the interactive quiz to find our “type.” It really got me thinking about how I can apply this to my work & the people I’m trying to influence.

Wonderful! Motivating!