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Mapping Workshop

Putting Health Care Processes on the Map

Next offering to be announced soon!

Mapping is a powerful and effective tool that allows health providers to visually represent the current state of a process or journey. This is often the first step to planning improvement within a system, as it results in an observable representation that is easily understood by patients and families, clinicians, decision makers and others.

This workshop will introduce participants to various approaches to mapping health care processes in support of person-centred improvement, including components of process mapping, value stream mapping, “swim lane” mapping as well as patient journey/experience mapping. Participants will also practice facilitating mapping sessions.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how mapping processes can help facilitate person-centred improvement in the health care system
  • Compare the different approaches to mapping and their application
  • Demonstrate the preparation and facilitation of basic mapping exercises
  • Identify ways that mapping outputs can be used to drive improvement
  • Plan for successful mapping in their organization